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Used Fender American Professional Jaguar 2016 Sonic Gray w/HSC


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Looking to add a little spice to your collection? This pristine Fender American Professional Jaguar has all the visual impact of the original 60's guitar with updated wiring and pickups for improved tone and functionality. Complete with original Fender deluxe molded case, the American Professional Jaguar offers modern versatility and build consistency.

This 2016 USA-made American Professional Jaguar features:
  •       Alder body with Sonic Gray finish, 8.4 pounds
  •      Fender Modern deep-C gloss finish maple neck
  •      24” scale, 9.5” radius, 1-11/16 nut, 22 frets
  •      Tall narrow frets for easy bending without fretting out
  •      V-Mod Jaguar pickups
  •      4-way pickup switch (included neck+bridge series)
  •      Pickup phase switch
  •      Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster vibrato bridge
  •      Volume and tone control with treble bleed
  •      Fender deluxe molded case (sorry, no case candy)

When the Jaguar was formally introduced in 1962, it was Fender's most expensive guitar. Borrowing heavily from the Jazzmaster, it featured the same comfortable offset body, vibrato bridge and tone-sapping rhythm/lead circuit. What was really different was the 24" scale (3/4" shorter than a Gibson) and the new single coil pickups with the "claw" surround intended to concentrate the magnetic field for greater output, and also reduce noise and hum. Like Fender's other attempts to outdo itself, the Jaguar never attained the popularity of their groundbreaking Strat and Tele, and was even dropped from the line for a short while.

The American Professional Jaguar is a well-made instrument that keeps the details that makes the Jaguar unique, while tweaking the areas that could benefit from some improvement. The V-Mod pickups pack a little more output than the originals, and are specifically voiced for each position. There is still plenty of twang and "surfiness", but with some additional heft all around, and an absence of brittle-brightness at the bridge. The volume control has a treble bleed to help maintain high end as the volume is rolled down.

Fender's unique rhythm/lead preset circuit pioneered on the Jazzmaster was clever, but the additional wiring and switching tended to load down the pickups to the detriment of tone and output. The American Professional features a straightforward 4-way switch that provides the traditional three positions plus the neck+bridge in series. The series combination essentially acts like a humbucker, with a slight jump in output and noticeably more midrange content. There is also a phase switch that works when both pickups are engaged, adding an additional thin-nasal lo-fi tone that screams 60's. 

The 24" scale provides easy-playing string tension and a decidedly slinky feel. While the shorter scales take away a little snap and harmonic sparkle, it's fun to play a guitar that navigates this easily and responds easily to a light touch. You can easily go a gauge up from your normal strings and it will still play like butter, and it's laughable that they came stock with 9's from the factory. 

Shorter scale guitars feel different and make you play and react differently, in a good way. The American Professional Jaguar is a high quality incarnation of the breed, with improved controls and totally useable tones in every position. If you've liked the idea of a Jaguar but had reservations, do not hesitate to dive into this one.