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Mint Fender FSR Texas Red Blues Junior Amp - Cannabis Rex Speaker


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Here is a special Fender FSR version of the Blues Junior circa 2008, known as the Texas Red Blues Junior. A mint example from a local collector, the Texas Red Blues Junior is a classic "crank it up" small combo amp dressed up in a snazzy red tolex and attractive wheat grill.

The Fender Blues Junior Texas Red features:
  • 15 watts, (2) EL-84 Groove tubes
  • 12AX7 Preamp and phase inverter tubes
  • Volume (preamp gain) and Master volume
  • 3-band EQ
  • Real spring reverb
  • Fat switch for extra preamp gain
  • Upgraded 12" 8 ohm Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker
  • Cover, manual and schematic
  • 31 pounds
The Fender Blues Junior has been a favorite for years with gigging musicians who need a super portable gigging rig, and enthusiasts who need enough power for a jam session, but also want good tone at reasonable volume levels. Never intended as a shred machine, even at high volume (preamp gain) levels it's really more of a dirty blues crunch than high driving distortion. This is good news, as there is plenty of headroom available for using your favorite gain pedals.

The only non-stock item on this amp is the 12" Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker. This hemp cone speaker has a warmer more full-bodied tone than the stock "Gold Label" speaker that came as original equipment. And it's 101 dB sensitivity will allow you to play loud and clear...all the better for your pedal board.

The Texas Red Blues Junior is another great example of why Fender literally owns the small affordable amplifier category. Great tube tone, classic looks and moderate weight make the Blues Junior a perenial favorite with guitarists world wide.