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Used G&L F-100 30th Anniversary Pearl White


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Pearl is the stone for a 30th anniversary, and for G&L that means their iridescent pearl white finish. G&L's 30th Anniversary series sported pearl white bodies, ebony fret boards and special pearl button tuning keys. One of the rarest of the G&L models, the F-100 uses their powerful and articulate MFD humbuckers for tone that is authoritative but remarkably clear.

This 2010 USA G&L F-100 Anniversary model features:

  • Alder body, 9.2 pounds
  • G&L Classic C neck profile
  • .835 depth at the first fret, .960 at the 12th
  • Hard rock maple neck with ebony fretboard
  • Medium Jumbo Frets
  • 2 G&L MFD Humbucking pickups
  • 3-way switch
  • Pull tap to split pickups
  • Volume and tone controls
  • Dual Fulcrum vibrato bridge
  • Stainless saddles and billet steel trem block
  • Plek?? laser guided fret finish
  • Original deluxe hardshell case

Sharing the same body as the similarly rare Rampage, (of Jerry Cantrell fame) the brutish F-100 bears a likeness to the Skyhawk and some of the models conceived during Leo Fender's Music Man years. But what sets the F-100 apart are the MFD (magnetic field design) humbucking pickups. Like their single coil siblings, these MFD's use a low resistance coil and strong ceramic magnet to create both ample output and a broad, flat frequency response. The F-100 swings for the fences with output similar to hot humbucker, but with a linear frequency response, and very good note separation. In this respect they sound somewhat like an active pickup, and are devoid of any nasty midrange emphasis or other sonic quirks. They also turn down nicely, and you can take advantage of the full sweep of the volume and tone controls.

The flat, even response of the MFD 'buckers is great for driving all sorts of effects and pedals, and the F-100 makes a great platform for players that like to experiment with gain, modulation, synths, and other effects that like a strong low-noise signal.

The 30th Anniversary model also comes with the short-lived "DFS" vibrato that featured machined 300-series stainless saddles and a billet steel trem block. Our experience with the DFS is that the harder, denser materials provide additional ring and shimmer to any guitar. And the chance of wearing out a saddle is pretty much nil.

You probably won't take an F-100 to a blues jam; but for jam bands, experimental, punk, and fusion the F-100 has a lot going for it. Plus there is the typical G&L high quality hardware, electronics, fit and finish. A unique and affordable piece for the guitar player that already has everything, the F-100 is like nothing else.