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Used G&L JB Bass Himalayan Blue w/ Bound Neck and Block Inlays

This guitar was used for our Berklee School of Music Gear Club presentation on G&L guitars (see photo). Other than some handling by students the instrument has been inspected,tested and is in like new condition.

The G&L JB is the evolutionary successor to the legacy of ground-breaking bass guitars developed by Leo Fender. The G&L Alnico V vintage jazz pickups provide the brilliant tone to stand out in the mix and the Jazz-inspired neck profile offers smooth playability for any artist. With stunning appointments like neck binding, block inlays and a matching headstock, this bass is an old-world treasure reinvented for the modern player.

This USA-made G&L JB Bass features:

  • Himalayan Blue Finish on Alder, 9.3 pounds
  • G&L #8 Medium C neck, 9.5" radius, 1.5 nut width
  • Rosewood fingerboard, Satin Clear maple neck
  • Pearl Block Inlays
  • Matching Headstock
  • Three ply white pickguard
  • Medium Jumbo frets
  • G&L Alnico V pickups
  • Dual volume controls, one tone control
  • Hefty Saddle Lock Bridge (a locking saddle screw on right side of bridge clamps the saddles together for better sustain)
  • Lightweight Aluminum tapered tuning pegs for better instrument balance
  • Great playability courtesy of the G&L non-compression truss rod and Plek ® laser-guided fret finishing
  • Deluxe fitted hardshell tolex case

The Jazz Bass was Leo Fender's follow up act to his original Precision Bass. The Precision Bass gave upright bass players a fighting chance with the increasing volume of western swing and emerging rock acts. The Jazz bass addressed a couple of issues: The first being tone, and an emphasis on a brighter and more focused treble response. The second idea was to make the neck more narrow and rounded in order to woo traditional jazz bass players away from their acoustic uprights. The end result is one of the most famous basses in the music world, played by artists in virtually every genre. Despite its success, Leo Fender started G&L with the notion that every one of his great designs was eligible for improvement, and that philosophy lives on.

One of those innovations is G&L's saddle lock bridge. The hefty machined bass has a "heel" that sits into the body for better sustain. The "saddle lock" is a set screw that clamps the four heavy machined string saddles for better coupling and fewer sympathetic vibrations. Not just a gimmick, it's something you can hear. And G&L's tuning keys with tapered lightweight aluminum string posts reduce headstock weight and minimize string slippage.

The neck on this JB is what they call their 'Medium C' profile. It has a 1.5" width at the nut and a 9.5" radius, which puts it solidly in J-bass territory. It is a comfortable C shape that is easy to navigate, and the 9.5 inch radius works for just about any style of playing. G&L necks are a paragon of stability: They set up easily, and without any any dead spots.

The tone of the G&L Alnico V Vintage Jazz pickups is exactly what you would hope for. Both pickups together have the springy, bouncy qualities and silky high that sound straight out of Seinfeld. The neck pickup by itself is warmer, but never muddy or lacking in clarity. And the bridge pickup adds brightness without ever getting metallic or tinny. With the classic V-V-T arrangement you can make minute adjustments quickly to slot into any playing situation.

As the jazz bass was intended, the G&L JB is a perfect fit for the player who needs to stand out in any rhythm section. Whether you're playing jazz, funk, reggae or rock, the G&L JB can hold the groove.

We are an authorized G&L Premier dealer located in Bellingham, Massachusetts, and this guitar comes with all tags, tools,paperwork and certificates. We have over 40 G&L’s in stock at all times, and please feel free to browse our other listings, or contact us for information on a custom order.

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