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Used Gibson SG Ltd Edition 2011 Firebird/Humbucker pickups


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Here is an interesting twist on an classic model: A 2011 Gibson SG Limited Edition with a unique Firebird/Humbucker pickup mix. This caught us by surprise when it came in the shop, but a little internet digging showed that this model has been offered at least a couple times of the past several years. It's in very good condition with no chips or dents, but some minor finish swirls and a little scuffing on the pickup covers.

This SG Limited Edition features

  • Mahogany body, 6.6 pounds
  • 24 fret Mahogany neck
  • 12" radius, 1-11/16 wide at the nut
  • Approx. .845" deep at the first fret, .990 at the 12th
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Original Firebird neck pickup
  • Original Gibson humbucker bridge pickup
  • Individual volume and tone controls
  • Original Case (but no case candy)

The SG ("Solid Guitar") has always lived in the shadow of the original Les Paul model, but many players love it's light weight and easy access to the upper frets (in this case 24 of them). Tonally the SG tends to be brighter and more crisp than the Les Paul, and certain players like Derek Trucks, Angus Young and Tommy Iommi are synonymous with the SG. What makes this SG guitar a departure from the norm is the pickup combination.

The Firebird-type neck pickup looks like a mini-humbucker which technically it is. But instead of a single bar magnet beneath two coils, each coil is built around its own bar magnet. Punchy with a very tight midrange and great note separation, it makes a bold statement as a neck pickup. Imagine a really big, clean single coil and you've kinda got a Firebird pickup. Somewhat of a rare "bird" in the world of pickups, with a unique voice all it's own. And while Derek Truck's SG has conventional humbuckers, the Firebird pickup is great for slide

The bridge pickup on this SG measures only 7.6K and has a crisp tone with plenty of high end extension. While the solid cover gives it a different look, the overall attitude is vintage-voiced with a balanced response and not a lot of midrange emphasis. In somewhat of a role reversal, the neck pickup has a stronger attack and more presence than the bridge. But like any good SG there are individual volume and tone controls and many of the best tones are a blend of the two pickups.

For people who don't bond with the bulky nature of a Les Paul, the more svelte SG is a good alternative. And with a unique pickup set this Limited Edition SG will help you forge your path in a jungle of look-alike sound-alike guitars.