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Used Little Walter Hipster 10W Class A Head with 1x12 pine Cabinet


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The Little Walter Hipster with a 10 watt Class A head patterned after the early 60's Fender Harvard amplifier.  With simple controls and point-to-point wiring the Hipster has both generous volume capabilities and lovely single-ended grind that you can easily control with your guitar's volume control. Paired with it's matching pine cabinet you have a light weight combo that is well suited to blues, roots and rock.

The Hipster features:

  • 10 watts, single-ended class A
  • 1 12AX7 tube
  • 1 6V6 power tube
  • 5Y3 rectifier
  • hand wired point-to-point construction
  • Matching pine cabinet, 11" depth
  • Eminence GA SC64 speaker
Like many pre-blackface Fender amplifiers, the Hipster has inter-dependent volume and tone controls where the tone is also a "volume" control that has an effect on overall gain. This bit of weirdness is baffling to some, but tweed lovers dig the interplay. And while the Harvard was a student sized amplifier with 10" speaker, the optimally proportioned pine cabinet and 12" speaker gives this little amp a big voice and generous low end. Boxy it is not.

Early amplifiers with their simple circuits and lack of tone-sucking controls produced a lot of volume with their meager wattage. At its best when cranked up fairly high and modulated by the guitar's volume control, the Hipster can be nuanced or raunchy, but unlike an old tweed retains good bottom end definition and composure. Not the perfect "pedal" amp, but if you find joy in the simple things, the Hipster is joyful indeed.