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Used Roland BC-60 Blues cube


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Here is a blast from the past that walked into our shop recently: An "original" Roland Blues Cube. This made-in-USA BC-60 was built sometime in the 90's and made waves as a successful evolution in solid state amplifier technology. Roland already had the reputation thanks to the Jazz Chorus and countless other products but the Blues Cube offered a more compact 60 watts of nearly endless headroom, drive channel, comprehensive EQ sections and other modern features. This particular amp was owned by a Union jazz musician who took great care of the amp so it is fully functional, affected only by a bit of crackle in some of the pots.

The Roland BC-60 features:

- 1x12 Roland Vintage Performance speaker
- 2  Channels - Normal and Lead
- Individual 3-band EQ
- Presence control
- Reverb
- Effects Loop
- Rectifex Tube Rectifier modeling
- Original Roland Footswitch

We had a blast playing this amp. As modeling technology gets better and better, people are drawn to the pioneers like the Jazz Chorus and Blues Cube, and we understand why. The clean channel is satisfyingly warm and easily shaped with the EQ section, bright switch and crunch control. Plus with 60 watts of solid state power you'll never need to worry about having enough clean headroom, no matter how large the venue. The Lead channel is pure high octane fun. The pre and post volume controls let you dial in the perfect amount of searing overdrive while keeping the level modest. When you use the footswitch, we called this channel a "pedal killer". The Normal channel is a superb pedal platform though, and there's an effects loop conveniently placed on the top panel in the Presence, Reverb and Rectifier modeling section. Overall, this amp is a piece of "early" tech that stands the test of time and is ready to get back to work.