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BBE Sound Inc. Boosta Grande +20dB Clean Boost Effects Pedal

BBE Sound Inc. Boosta Grande +20dB Clean Boost Effects Pedal

We are pleased to offer the latest version of BBE's Boosta Grande: The Mini Boosta Grande. As the makers of the famous Sonic Maximizer, BBE knows a thing or two about tone and they have put a lot of thought into this pedal. The Boosta Grande offers a 20dB of transparent clean boost in a true-bypass, all analog package made with premium components for a reliable and road-ready unit.

The BBE Boosta Grande is not just a loud box, but a signal conditioner that makes sure your signal is enhanced the right way. It uses a 1meg Ohm input just like a quality tube amp and 1% metal film resistors for accurate tonal response. They even have a 1kHz high pass filter so your amp doesn't get too bright when it's pushed hard. From our own stage experience, the Boosta adds volume without undue coloration or distortion. It's your guitar or bass, but louder.

Clean boosts are an increasingly popular part of pedalboards these days so when you pull the trigger, let BBE give you the proper experience.


  • Up to +20dB of transparent clean boost
  • 1MEG Ohms input impedance for proper pickup loading
  • 1K Ohms output impedance when engaged
  • 1% metal-film resistors for consistency
  • High-voltage poly caps for better tone
  • Military-spec circuit board for reliability
  • True hardwire bypass