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Seymour Duncan HyperSwitch BT 5-way Switch Bluetooth switch

Just released at the 2023 NAMM show, the new Seymour Duncan Hyperswitch is a legit game changer. Compatible with most guitars utilizing a 3 or 5-way blade switch, the Seymour Duncan Hyperswitch allows you to reconfigure your guitar pickup wiring without touching a soldering iron! Using their Bluetooth App (iOS and Android) you can assign pickup combinations, phasing, splits, series/parallel….you name it. You can even assign or defeat tone controls. And each pickup configuration you create can be named and saved via the app and recalled later. Saying it’s clever does not do it justice.

The Hyperswtich is compatible with most passive pickups, both singe coil and humbucker. The Hyperswitch uses a 9V battery which is installed in the guitar’s control cavity. Some installations may require routing to make space for the battery, but it will fit most Strat-type guitars without modification. The battery is only needed when using the app. When you disconnect from the app the guitar operates like any normal passive instrument with a mechanical 5-way switch. Want to load a saved configuration? Connect to the app, load the saved config, disconnect and go! Bluetooth is only used for configuring the switch, and there is no “wireless” operation or signal loss. 

Installation of the Hyperswitch does not require soldering. All connections are made via screw terminals, and the screwdriver is included (Depending on your instrument, you may need to de-solder existing connections). If you ever wondered, “what would that sound like?” or needed a certain combination for just that song, the Hyperswitch is the answer.