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USED B.C. Rich Dreadnought BW-2000S Sunburst 1980s Acoustic w/ Hard Case

A B.C. Rich acoustic guitar? While much better known for their wildly shaped electric guitars and heavy metal image, B.C. Rich also made acoustic guitars in the 70's and 80's, with some of the earlier models fetching top dollar on the used market. This BW-2000 dreadnought acoustic appears to from the 80's and is in very good condition for it's age with only minor signs of handling, no large dings or scratches, and no fret wear to speak of. We could not find any information on this model, but here is what we can say about it:

  • Circa 1980's
  • Spruce laminate top
  • Mahogany back in sides, probably laminate
  • Mahogany neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Sealed back tuners
  • Bridge reset done by UpFront Guitars
  • Bridge Doctor installed by UpFront Guitars
  • Action is about .080 at the 12th fret
  • Plenty of saddle if you want to lower it
  • Hardshell case, probably original
  • No serial number
Why do you want a 1980's Korean or Japanese laminate acoustic? Our experience is that time matters for any acoustic. We've worked on scores of guitars of era from Yamaha and other builders, and a 40 year-old acoustic -- even a laminate -- has a lot going for it. Ditto for this B.C. Rich which has a nice rich tone that often only comes with age, and ample volume. The neck it true, the top is flat and the action is right where it should be. As far as older guitars go, it has settled in very nicely, and we've done the bridge reset and bridge doctor that will keep is strumming happily for years to come.

Why a B.C. Rich acoustic? If anything it's a conversation piece that also happens to be a very nice guitar. It's a piece of history from a guitar company better known for jagged shapes, smoking hot pickups, makeup and metal.