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Why Buy from UpFront?

Shopping for quality musical instruments is sometimes a daunting task. Big Box stores offer lots of product – much of it rather generic – and often lack the service and knowledge to provide a satisfactory shopping experience. On the other hand, many independent retailers are focused on lessons and accessories, foregoing higher quality product in favor of starter packages. Lastly, the Great Recession of 2009 was particularly hard on both independent retailers and manufacturers, and many stores are just not carrying the level of gear that they used to.

Since we started in 2010, UpFront Guitars has worked hard to recreate the “vibe” that has gone out of shopping for quality musical instruments. The goal of UpFront Guitars is to offer a select range of product that is targeted at serious enthusiasts, players looking to move up to the next level, and gigging musicians. The products that we carry all offer high performance, exceptional fit and finish, and the quality and durability to stand up to the rigors of the road.

We love guitars, we love music, and we want to carry products that people get excited about, want to talk about, and share with their friends. Buying a piece of quality gear should be an enjoyable's a guitar not an appliance. So whether you shop online or in person at UpFront Guitars, you'll be dealing with people who know the product, play the product, and can help you decide which piece fits your style and musical ambitions.

Lastly, in our efforts to be as "real" as possible, we photograph every product ourselves, test, play and set up every product, and write all our own descriptions. You'll see nothing on this site that has not passed through our hands for evaluation. We also don't "cut and paste" product descriptions or write ups from our manufacturer's website. If it's on our website, we're going to take the time to know the product and be able to tell you about it in our own words. The better we know the product, the better we can help you make the right choice.